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Are you a Word?

a place for words to post pictures of their tattoos or talk about the project

7/5/13 04:54 pm - lysystratae - One of the words has gone

I just emailed Shelley to let her know, but I thought I'd mention it here, as well. He wasn't a community member (wasn't much of an LJ user, at the end), but I still figured people might be interested in knowing that one of the many "the"s had passed on.

8/12/07 09:09 pm - lysystratae - I got it!

FINALLY got my little brown tube... it's an odd story, but I like it :)

4/25/07 11:40 pm - lysystratae

My friend olotheros tipped me off when he was browsing and thought he recognized my photo, and I finally got around to going to Borders and checking. Sure enough, I'm in it -and so are about 12 other Skin project folks!

The book is Body Type by Ina Saltz; it's photos and comments on people with tats consisting of words. I'm on page 36 :)

11/1/06 01:43 am - lysystratae - Boy am I slow

I got my word years ago (I'm of, one of many :P) and have been trying to wait patiently for the rest of the volunteers to be finished so I can finally read the story, and wishing I was anywhere near one of her tour dates, and I've been on LJ for about as long... and yet it never occured to me to search for communities for Skin. Big old batch of "duh", lol...

Anyway... hi, I'm of, how the hell are you?

2/25/06 08:52 pm - trucksnstuff

There's an update on Shelley's page.

6/30/05 12:00 am - tarasrightfoot

I'll go first, I guess.

I saw the link at strap-on.org and had wanted a tattoo for a while.

my geeky email to ShelleyCollapse )
I got my tattoo on 12-03.

I'm sending out the paperwork and the pictures tomorrow.


6/29/05 11:41 pm - tarasrightfoot - Are you a word?

If so, have you gotten your tattoo yet?

Why'd you decide to participate?

Have you sent in your stuff to Shelley Jackson?

How do you explain your tattoo to people who ask about it?
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