big glass nipples (tarasrightfoot) wrote in skin_words,
big glass nipples

I'll go first, I guess.

I saw the link at and had wanted a tattoo for a while.

Here's part of the email i sent:

I was referred to your site by a friend who knew i was looking for a
tattoo. This would actually be my first tattoo, though i've planned
to get one for years now. There are so many images i felt i COULD get
as a tattoo, but i really feel inspired by this project.

I would really love to receive a word, to become a word in your SKIN
project. The whole concept floors me: i'd love to see the full text,
and the idea that i could establish contact with other words is
thrilling. I thought at first that i didn't like the idea - i mean,
what if i hate the word i receive? - i've decided that it's an act of

i'm ready to make the committment that no matter the word, i'd have
it tattooed as outlined in the call for participants. Lately i am
re-creating myself and this idea appeals to me in so
many different ways.

I'm sure you're swamped with applicants, so i will force myself to be

Just reading the call on your site has changed the way i read - will
this be the word i get? - i wonder. thank you for that shift in

hopefully yours,


some of that sounds pretty geeky to me - sort of like hearing your voice on tape?

Amazingly, that was about a year and a half ago.

I got my tattoo on 12-03.

I'm sending out the paperwork and the pictures tomorrow.

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